man relieving himself in wedding photo

Your wedding photos…

Wait! let’s start at the beginning…

You dreamed about it your entire life. Finally, you meet the guy you decide to marry.

So, you spend a year planning the perfect wedding day. The wedding ceremony is perfect.

Your guests head to the reception hall where your dj is getting all set up. 

The flower arrangements look beautiful. The place settings are spot on. Meanwhile you’re out with your photographer, to take your wedding photos!

And… your guests, back at the reception hall are being hilariously entertained, by Kansas City Wedding Artist, Mike Van De Carr (Here are more 5-STAR REVIEWS, for you to check out!)

This is about wedding photos and photographers,
so let’s get back to that…

Hold on!

Let’s get back to the part about you being out with your photographer, getting those awesome memorable wedding photos.

Because, you spent a lot of money, not to mention a lot of time, finding the perfect wedding photographer! This photography genius is literally the best of the best. They capture everything, with pristine detail. Good on you!

But, I know what you’re thinking… where am I going with this?

So, you head out to that special place where he proposed…. You remember? On those rocks by the lake!

It’s so beautiful! You carefully climb up onto some of the rocks. You’ve got your footing and your photographer begins taking those priceless memories.

Then, without any warning, a man climbs up the rocks behind you.

But… (no pun intended) he’s completely unaware that you’re there, let alone the fact you’re taking your wedding photos.

You’ve been officially married for a total of 37 minutes and already, creepy naked men are sneaking up on you!

Wait… WHAT?

That’s correct! A buck naked man climbed up the rocks, behind the wedding couple… While they were taking their wedding photos.

Naked man in wedding photo

Most photographers would’ve stopped and waited, but no, Not your photographer! He’s a professional!

Because, he’s going to get those priceless wedding photo memories no matter how badly it burns his eyes.

This week, I thought we’d take a look at some memorable wedding photobombs.


Flower girl and ring bearer
Brides sister!
Little kid doesn't care at wedding
Dog poops in wedding photo
Brides Maids in wedding photo
wedding photo bomb!
Cows in the background of wedding photo


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