Kansas City Wedding Couple Shuffle

The Kansas City Wedding Couple Shuffle is one of the most fun wedding games you’ll ever play!

Think about it! Wouldn’t you like to add something fun that makes your wedding stand out?

Something to make your wedding more fun and get your guests laughing?

And most importantly, something that’ll make your wedding reception memorable?

I was drawing caricatures at a wedding a while back and the Wedding DJ did something with the bride and groom that I hadn’t seen before.

It was a lot of fun and involved literally every guest at the wedding. I’ve shared this with all the couples who’s hired me since and they’ve all loved it.

How To Play The Kansas City Wedding Couple Shuffle

Here’s the short version:  then, I’ll give you a few variances to make it more ridiculous, fun and memorable.

By the way, the DJ will have to coordinate this with your photographer because they will definitely get some fun photos from this.

So, basically the DJ will play a song. This can be chosen by the wedding couple or to make it more fun, be surprised and let the DJ choose the song.

During that song the wedding couple has to go to every table and meet every guest, before the song ends. This is easier said than done, depending on how many guests you have.

Let The Wedding Fun Begin!

Here are a few variations you can add to the Kansas City Wedding Couple Shuffle, making it hilarious!

1. This is the basic version where you just go out and greet each guest before the song ends.

2. In this version, you. Go to each table with a book filled with blank pages and. Each guest has to write “one word” to describe you before the song ends.

3. My second favorite version, you have to take a selfie with each guest before the song ends.

Now you can see why the DJ has to coordinate this with your photographer! Every time I’ve seen this played it gets big laughs and the photographer always gets some really great shots!

This is not set in stone and you can always have different rules or things to do. For instance, one couple had to do a shot at each table. BUT, not every shot was alcohol…

WARNING: This version of The Kansas City Wedding Couple Shuffle can be dangerous!

So if you do this, make sure that only about three tables total use alcohol, the rest can be juice, water, etc.

Finally, there was one wedding where the wedding couple. Had to collect one piece of clothing from each table and had to use those clothes to dress the best

man, who was on the dance floor in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.

The goal is here is to get the best man completely dressed, before. The song ends.

Wedding Games


An alternative can be the groom is in his boxer shorts and the bride has to collect thee clothes to dress him.

Obviously, this has a lot of comedy potential.

What this means is this: let’s say at the first table somebody took off their sock,

So, if you want to have some serious fun during your wedding that’s guaranteed to involve all of your guests. Get people laughing and create some seriously funny and memorable (possibly incriminating) photos, then The Kansas City Wedding Couple Shuffle, is an excellent option.

Here’s a quick review

1. Make sure the DJ and Photographer coordinate on this game.

2. Either you or your DJ choose a song

3. The wedding couple has to go to each table and complete a pre-determined task, before the song ends.

4. The variations on The. Kansas. City Wedding Couple Shuffle are endless. So, have some fun, be silly and create those wedding memories!

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