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Getting wedding gifts from celebrities is kind of awesome!

So, who do you know that has received wedding gifts from their favorite celebrity?


Now, how awesome would it be if YOU got not one but many wedding gifts from many of YOUR favorite celebrities?  

Certainly, this would make your wedding stand out, right?  

Of course, that’s something all your friends will talk about, forever?

Warning:Do Not share the information in this post. Keep it for yourself! These wedding gifts make all your friends jealous!  

So, you’re getting married… Exciting!  

Now to clarify, my entire goal as a Luxury Wedding Artist is this… “To help people like you make sure your BIG DAY is overflowing with fun memories… Guaranteed to last ’til the end of time!” 
So, in this blog post, You’re going to see exactly how to make this happen.   You’re also going to get a short list…

That is to say, the list will include celebrities who send:
1. Wedding gifts
2. Letters
3. Autographed
4. Photos, etc.

Wedding Surprise


Imagine how cool of a story you’ll have to tell, for the rest of your life.   Now, I was going to keep this to myself. BUT…

Because I want your wedding to be as amazing as possible, I’ll be sharing (in a minute), how easy this is.  

Meanwhile, I know somebody whose already done what I’m about to share with you. He got more than 50 celebrities to send things to his wife for their wedding.  

There are websites where you can pay for the address’ of celebrities. This is not necessary, but it is an option.  

Of course, if you want to go that route, here is a link to one of the better known websites who sell that information.   Be aware, I have never used their services and I’m in no way connected to them… But, if you want to go that route, CLICK HERE!

On the other hand, here is the FREE option!

To clarify, this one takes a few extra minutes to use, but I also know it works! CLICK HERE!  

So, what you need to do is pretty straight forward. Simply type your favorite celebrities name into the search bar on the website and hit enter.  

After that, scroll down the page and click on the links to see what information is available. You will see responses from people who have used the addresses in the link you’re looking at and they will tell you if it worked for them or not.

It’s that easy to get wedding gifts from celebrities!

Likewise, there will be specific instructions on each page.

These instructions will tell you exactly what you need to do, to guarantee you get a response! It will also tell you how long it may take before you get your response.

For instance, I looked up Will Farrell. There were specific instructions to follow. It also said that the average wait time, before getting something back is 3+ months.  

Then, there were people on there who shared their success stories! This tells you that the address provided is accurate.

NEXT…   What to write?  

That’s up to you. But, I wouldn’t write that you want to smell them while they’re sleeping. That’d be pretty creepy!  

In my test, I complimented them, said I was a fan and asked for an autograph.  

For a wedding, I’d do it a little different. First, I’d invite them to your wedding. Now, the chance of them showing up is slim to none, but can you imagine if they did show up?

And don’t completely rule it out because it happens way more often than you’d expect.

Wedding Crashers

In fact, CLICK HERE to read the story about The Rock & Danny Devito crashing a wedding.   

Next, you should ask them if they’d write you a response.  

Finally, I wouldn’t make the whole thing too long. 

Celebrity Wedding Gift Updates Coming Soon!

I will write another blog about the results I end up with. 

However, as each new reply comes in, I will write another blog post about that interaction, along with whatever they send to me.  

You should send these, not to one, but to many celebrities.  


Because the more you send the better your chances of getting something back!  

And since the likelihood is high that many will respond, you will end up with an awesome collection.  

Finally, here is a short list of 10 celebrities who’ve already responded to others. This means they are almost guaranteed to respond to you, too!  

1. George W. Bush
2. John Travolta
3. Prince William
4. Prince Harry
5. Queen Elizabeth II
6. Gordon Ramsay
7. Prince Charles
8. Heidi Klum
9. Will Farrell
10. Bill Clinton  

Of course, if you enjoyed this article and would like me to post more topics like this … please let me know by leaving a comment below!


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