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The Kansas City Event Entertainment Industry is alive and kicking!

Are you planning an event?

If you don’t know about this stuff, then take three-minutes to read this short article. It will start to fill in the blanks.

It’s all about Cartoon-atures!!!

What are Cartoon-atures and WHY are they the best Kansas City Event Entertainment option for your upcoming events?

This is an evergreen entertainment option for many reasons, but first…

Have you ever noticed this?

When you’re at a theme park, whether it be Worlds of Fun, Six Flags, Kings Dominion, etc… If you look at the caricatures being drawn, they look like they’re drawn by the same artist!!!

There is no variety, nothing unique or fun!!! They all look exactly the same!

Do you know why?

It’s because the theme park caricature artists all learn from the same template. Then, they use that template for the rest of their careers. They never veer from the original template. The result is pretty darn boring!!!

Now, there is nothing wrong with learning that way (from a template), but why would you want something that’s exactly like everything else?

Imagine if all you were ever able to eat was liver and onions… nothing else… no variety! Gross!!!

Kansas City Caricatures is the Ultimate choice for Kansas City Event Entertainment!

You see, I didn’t learn to draw caricatures from a theme park. I taught myself how to do it.

Therefore, once I was good at the theme park style, I immediately started adding my own touches and changing things up.

I asked clients what they liked the most… what they were looking for… what they wanted and overwhelmingly, they all wanted the same thing!

They wanted something different, but yet, something that was still familiar!

Talk about confusing!

Digging a little deeper I discovered, they wanted the cartoon part of the caricature, but without having it look like every other caricature out there.

They also did not want extreme exaggerations that would offend people, but they still wanted the fun!

So, this led me to dig even deeper and that’s when I struck gold!

What most folks in Kansas City wanted for their Event Entertainment was:

First => Something that was fun!
Second => Something people would enjoy!
Third => Something that would create lifelong happy memories!
Fourth =>And, something that they would look back on with happiness!

This is a caricature that meets every bullet point they were looking for and then, surpasses it by overdelivering on entertainment value.

That discovery led me to create cartoon-atures!

In other words, this is what is lacking from every other caricature artist in the industry. So, I filled that void.

It actually came pretty easily because of my background as a Las Vegas Comedy Entertainer.

But let’s stick with the drawings for the moment.

I do not draw caricatures… nope!

I draw Cartoon-atures!

Cartoon-atures break every rule of caricature art… Yes!!! I’m a rebel!

Above all, a cartoon-ature is a vintage or retro style cartoon drawing that still carries your essence and looks like you, but as a Retro Cartoon Character!

For instance, there aren’t any ridiculous giant noses… Nope!

But, it is still has the comical retro cartoon look that makes you laugh!

However everybody wants to frame these, keep them forever and they will always remember the fun memories they had at your event.

Of course, this is just one piece of the puzzle for your !

In conclusion, next week, I will talk a little about the engaging, comedy entertainment that I provide, during the time I’m entertaining your guests at your event.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, droop them in the comments below or you can email me directly at KansasCityCaricatures@Gmail.com

Talk soon!

Mike Van De Carr

P.S. If your event is a Wedding, CLICK HERE!


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